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March 4th, 2015

kubit software has been acquired by FARO.

FARO is one of the largest manufacturers of 3D laser scanners worldwide. With its PointSense plug-ins for AutoCAD and Revit and its VirtuSurv programs kubit offers a wide choice of industry solutions for processing and analysing 3D laser scan data.

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Will kubit software be available in the future?

All existing products will be still available and we will continue the development of all products.

Will my contact person change?

No. You can still contact your known contact person at kubit or can contact our hotline, support email or one of our distribution partners.

How do I get technical support in the future?

Our support channels will remain the same. You can use our web support http://www.faro-3d-software.com/CAD/Products/Support/support_form.php or call our global hotline number (+49 7150 9797-400). Customers in the Americas may use the above support link, email 3DSupportUSA@faro.com or dial (800)-259-4014 USA

Can I still buy updates?

Yes. All products will continuously be developed. You can find current versions on our website and upgrades from previous versions will still be possible.

Does the acquisition affect current maintenance contracts?

All existing maintenance contracts will be continued.

Will kubit software support hardware from other manufactures besides FARO in the future?

Yes. Our software supports data from all major hardware suppliers and we will continue to support multiple manufactures. We believe in open systems where customers can combine the best possible components. Our objective is to be best in class for every component we offer.

Will kubit’s general strategy change?

No. Our mission is to develop software which allows for the evaluation of data from multiple sensors within CAD environments. Our focus is on automation and simplification of the real world to CAD and BIM process.

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